Revo HT/ HTX Assembly Guide


  • Be aware of your electronics. Please don't work on your printer while it's turned on. We advise disconnecting from the mains during installation and maintenance.
  • During use and cooldown, there is a potential to burn your hands.
  • Please read and make sure you understand the firmware requirements before attempting to print.
  • Please check that the components' voltage matches your printer's voltage. Double-check the polarity of connections where appropriate.
  • Your HotEnd and printer are your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by our products use, misuse or abuse.
  • The Revo High Temperature Hotside must be kept clean to reduce off-gassing. It's advised that gloves are worn when handling.
  • The Revo High Temperature Hotside is intended for polymers with high processing temperatures. Low-temperature polymers such as PLA or ABS can cause fumes if processed incorrectly.
  • Do not overvolt the fan or heater cartridge.
  • E3D parts are intended for indoor use only, we cannot be responsible for issues caused through the operation of our products outside.

Note: Your own 3D Printer setup and filament choice will have an effect on the maximum VFR you can achieve so bear this in mind when referring to these values.


To complete this upgrade, you will need:

  • 1 x Revo High temperature Heater block 
  • 1 x Revo HT PT100 or Revo HT PT1000
  • 1 x Revo HT heater cartridge or UHT heater cartridge
  • 1 x 1.5 mm hex key
  • 1 x Revo HT-Abrasive nozzle
  • 1 x Revo Spring
  • 1 x Revo Heatsink


1. Slide the temperature sensor into the logo side of the high temperature heaterblock. 

Then fasten the x2 M3x3 grub screws into the heaterblock using a 1.5mm hex key

Please note: do not over-tighten the grubscrews you should apply enough torque to ensure the temperature sensor doesn't slide out with a gentle tug but no more. Over-tightening the grub screw can result in damage to the cartridge and damage to the threads.

3. Insert the heater cartridge and fasten the x2 M2x6 socket head screws with a 1.5mm hex key.

Please note: do not over-tighten the screws. You should apply enough torque to prevent the heater cartridge from sliding out with a gentle tug and then another quarter turn.

4. Attach the Revo spring to the top of the heater block.

5. Attach the high temperature hotside to your Revo coldside of choice.

6. Screw the HT-Abrasive revo nozzle through the hotside and into the heatsink using only your gloved fingers.


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