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Scaffold: More than just support? Experimenting with soluble moulds for composite parts

It’s been a while since we blogged about something that’s just pure, unabashed, experimental geekery. As proud as we are of our products and as much as we love sharing them with you, we’re also tinkerers at heart. With this in mind, this blog post is about taking one of our established products (Scaffold Soluble) and pushing it as far as we can.
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A Long-Awaited BigBox Update

This blog post is a big one, going into the good, bad, and unexpected challenges of the BigBox project.
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Nozzles and Blocks and Hobbs, oh my!

Get your digits fiddling with E3D's new hardened hobbs, plated copper heater blocks, and nozzles. Note that we said plated copper, not copper plated! 
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0.15mm High-resolution nozzles: For really very extremely small prints

The 0.25mm nozzle has been available for several years now, but really it isn’t all that much smaller than a “standard” 0.4mm nozzle. So how small could we go?
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Scaffold: A Soluble Support for Total Geometric Freedom

Same-material breakaway supports are far from a perfect solution - even with some really great algorithms out there you’re still never going to be able to extract support out of an awkward internal cavity

E3D have a soluble solution.