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Bringing an end to BearingGate: Improving Titan and Titan Aero

After the unfortunate sequence of events which led to Bearing-Gate and following some serious stress-testing by the engineering team here at E3D, we're happy to announce that all Titan Extruder products (including Titan Aero), are back in stock with a complete bearing and lid solution.
Extruders, Product Updates

BearingGate: An engineering Failure Analysis

Some of our bearings in the Titan Extruder and Titan Aero have been failing due to a series of unfortunate events and we're really sorry about that. We have a solution to fix the problem on the way, and we'll be in a position to issue replacement parts in the next few weeks. 
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Water is Cool.

Titan Aqua is our latest water-cooled HotEnd/Extruder. Being cut from the same cloth as Titan Aero, Aqua also maintains the same compatibility with V6 hot-side parts. 
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Battling Bowden Tube Physics

We have a new high-performance bowden tube, and ways of making our tube couplings grip the tube more securely using a pre-tensioning clip. These will make your bowden system more responsive and reliable. Read on to find out how.
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TCT 2017 - Behind the Scenes with E3D

Here at E3D we can’t quite believe how fast the year’s flying by. With the launch of Titan Aero nearly 6 months ago, along with supplying our HotEnds to many open source 3D printer manufacturers (Lulzbot, Prusa, Dagoma to name a few), we’re delighted that the E3D ecosystem has become synonymous with reliable, high performance extrusion.