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TCT 2017 - Behind the Scenes with E3D

Here at E3D we can’t quite believe how fast the year’s flying by. With the launch of Titan Aero nearly 6 months ago, along with supplying our HotEnds to many open source 3D printer manufacturers (Lulzbot, Prusa, Dagoma to name a few), we’re delighted that the E3D ecosystem has become synonymous with reliable, high performance extrusion.
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Snap to it! With MatX and Scaffold Snap

Following the success of spoolWorks Scaffold and Edge, we're proud to bring you our newest optimised filament pairing: MatX and Scaffold

Open Source, Design Patents, and E3D

Recently we’ve been taking another look at how we license our products here at E3D. There’ve been a few questions about licensing and what it means to be open-source as a hardware manufacturer, so we wanted to state our position clearly and openly for the benefit of all involved.
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Introducing T-Fill: Proper British tea from E3D

T-Fill™ is not only the next step in filament innovation, but a loving homage to our homeland. 
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Titan Aero: What do you get if you cross a Titan with a V6?

Since smashing into the world of extruders with Titan back in March 2016 the next logical step for E3D was to integrate a Hot End into it, compress it as much as possible and make an ultra-compact all-in-one extruder and hotend.