spoolWorks Edge Filament
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Tough and resilient, easy to print, PETG based plastic for 3D printing. Available in a range of colours. 

Titan Aero Heatsink

Easy to Print

Achieve beautiful, professional results with ease.

Precision-machined hobb

Beautiful Colours

From industrial monotones to custom brights, we've got you covered.


Print the Unprintable

Pair Edge with Scaffold support filament to make impossible prints a reality.


Moderate Temperatures

Beautiful results at mid-range temperatures with home 3D printers.

Learn why Edge is our favourite filament ever with our blog post!

Edge is a unique filament for 3D printing, developed as part of our spoolWorks range. It combines the toughness and resilience of ABS with PLA’s ease of use to bring you superior processing properties that make printing stuff a dream.

Edge is PETG-based, making it widely recyclable, but has been modified to provide exceptional toughness and resilience. Durable, strong, and stiff, Edge also allows incredible layer adhesion at a molecular level. This means that parts are almost as strong between bonded layers as they are across them.

Edge brings you the strong, solid colour you can expect with our entire spoolWorks range but with unmatched vibrancy and pigmentation. A naturally glossy, shiny material, Edge shows detail extremely well and can even be given a metallic finish.

Key Features

• Strong and tough
• Easy to print
• Moderate processing temperatures (80°C bed, 240°C nozzle)
• No unpleasant fumes or odours
• Pairs with Scaffold support material for reliable adhesion and clean breakaway
• Ships on an easy-to-use spool with a packet of desiccant
• Glue stick bed adhesion

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This filament is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm (3mm) diameters, suitable for a wide range of printers and applications. SpoolWorks PLA is easy to print and pairs well with Scaffold Support Filament.

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