Why E3D? We mean business

Why E3D? We mean business

Bringing a professional 3D printer to market comes with a unique set of design challenges. The biggest challenge for any FDM 3D printer is a high-quality extrusion system. Get this wrong and your 3D printer will only produce failed prints, wasting time and frustrating your customers.

E3D are here to help you get it right. At E3D, we develop advanced, cost-effective, user-focused extrusion systems for FDM 3D printers. We’re excited to be shaping the future of 3D printing through innovation, quality, and partnerships with industry leaders. Today, customers from over 50 countries choose E3D – including China!



Top-quality extrusion systems

Our unrivalled expertise in the fundamental physics of 3D printing HotEnds and extruders makes us a partner you can trust for the highest performance 3D printing extrusion systems available today. Every product we ship is backed by a decade of FDM 3D printing R&D.

Machinist using manual lathe to make 3D printer HotEnd prototypes

We use a combination of manual and CNC lathes for prototyping


E3D extrusion systems are engineered to resist common problems, like grinding hobbs, HotEnd leaks, worn nozzles, and broken cables, so your customers can 3D print successfully without hassle. With the right combination of E3D components, you can 3D print advanced filaments like PEEK and carbon fibre filled materials to achieve serious industrial 3D printing applications.

Hemera HotEnds for 3D printing

With E3D products integrated into your machine, your customers will know it will perform


Raising the bar

We use top quality manufacturing equipment to machine metal to tolerances of 1 micron – many times smaller than the width of a human hair. Parts are machined on bar-fed multi tool CNC Swiss type automatic lathes – the same equipment used to make Swiss watches – and we have the manufacturing capacity to scale for high volume production of thousands of parts.

CNC lathe for machining high quality, accurate production parts

We use bar fed Swiss-style CNC lathes, for unbeatable precision and quality



Inside a CNC lathe machining production parts with coolant

Machining parts – the view from inside the lathe



E3D: A closer look

  • We deliver worldwide with 98% OTIF.
  • Products are targeted at 10,000 hours MTBF, and we’ve set up an onshore supply chain that’s resistant to global catastrophes, like pandemics.
  • We experienced 27% business growth throughout 2020, and doubled our manufacturing capacity in the process.
Fleet of CNC lathes manufacturing HotEnds in the UK

We fulfil all scales of production, from short-run prototypes to the rapid manufacture of thousands of parts. This fleet of Swiss lathes machines E3D extrusion system components all day and night 



Trusted by industry leaders

Share your R&D burden with us and reduce your engineering risk. Integrate our market-proven systems, customise an existing system, or work with us to develop an entirely new system to fit your machine design. We’re already supplying hardware and engineering services to top OEMs in the 3D printing industry:


Ultimaker. (Utrecht, Netherlands) E3D were commissioned by Ultimaker to improve the Ultimaker print core CC, a wear-resistant nozzle that enables Ultimaker 3D printers to work with advanced abrasive and composite filaments, including carbon fibre filled materials, and metal polymer filaments like BASF Ultrafuse 316L.


“We selected E3D to help us improve the robustness and the lifetime of our print core CC. E3D has the right capabilities to support us; they have a lot of knowledge of FDM extrusion systems and a very good supply chain setup. For us, all the project requirements were met – which resulted in a fruitful cooperation with E3D.”

- Silvester van Voorthuisen, Project Manager, Ultimaker


Prusa Research. (Prague, Czech Republic) The well-loved Prusa Mk2 and 3 ship with an E3D V6 all-metal HotEnd, so Prusa customers have compatibility with over 70 E3D V6 ecosystem nozzles for different 3D printing applications.


Creality. (Shenzhen, China) Chinese manufacturer Creality import E3D technology from the UK to fit into their popular consumer 3D printers. Each Creality CR-10 V3 ships with a genuine E3D Titan extruder, giving Creality customers enhanced filament pushing force in a lightweight package.


LulzBot. (North Dakota, United States) LulzBot’s 3D printers have used various types of E3D HotEnds and extruders over the years, including Titan Aero extruders and E3D hardened steel nozzles. Most recently, they selected E3D Hemera as a key component of their Universal Toolhead System for the latest generation of LulzBot machines.


“Working with E3D it’s been very clear that they know their stuff inside and out. It comes down to their ability to scale, as well as produce premium components that hit budget constraints. You’re able to produce a machine for an affordable price for your customers that has all those high-quality components that they expect.”

- John Olhoft, President, LulzBot


BCN3D. (Barcelona, Spain) BCN3D’s entire product portfolio is fitted with a custom E3D V6 all-metal HotEnd. Customers can optionally upgrade to an aftermarket variant fitted with an E3D Nozzle X, offering wear resistance for abrasive and composite filaments.


BCN3D HotEnds manufactured by E3D

Thousands of BCN3D HotEnds fresh off the line


Over 180 resellers worldwide

Reseller partners who carry E3D stock benefit from exclusive discount options on products, and early access to the latest E3D innovations. Our network of more than 180 3D printing resellers operate in the UK, EU, EMEA, and APAC, and include well-known names such as MatterHackers, 3DJake, Printed Solid, Filastruder, and many more.


Partner with us

E3D’s purpose is to change the way that humanity manufactures goods by bringing 3D printing innovations into the market. RapidChange Revo is coming soon - learn more.


We’re here to help at every step of your product journey. Our partners benefit from:


Engineering consultation. We provide consultation services to OEMs who need advice on HotEnd or extruder engineering.

Manufacturing services. We work on a contract basis for manufacturing projects lasting between 18 - 24 months of development.

Cross promotion. If it contains E3D, we’ll work with you to market your product.

Quality assurance. Quality control is offered as a standard step. Among our QC toolset, we use state-of-the-art optical comparator devices to analyse critical features and dimensions of your parts so you can be confident your items are delivered to your specification.

Lifetime technical support. Support tickets for E3D components can be escalated to us where we will provide in-depth technical support.

Account management. A dedicated account manager is provided to every partner to assist with all product-related queries, project updates, and anything else that’s needed.


Want your 3D printer to perform? Partner with E3D today and set your customers up for 3D printing success. Want to know more about us? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to learn more.


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