Prusa Nextruder Nozzle Datasheet


  • During use and cooldown, there is a potential to burn your hands.
  • Your HotEnd and printer are your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by our products use, misuse or abuse.


  • Compatible with: Prusa Mk4 & Prusa XL
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Volume and Dimensions

Mass: 5.32g

Nozzle Identification

For Prusa nozzles only

Diameter (mm)DotsMax temperature °CAbrasion resistant?Nozzle Colour
300NoBrass Yellow
0.43300NoBrass Yellow
0.64300NoBrass Yellow
0.85300NoBrass Yellow

Exploded View

  • Revo Nozzle
  • Revo Nozzle sock


Edition 8

Approved: , Published: , Notes: HF Nozzles added

Edition 7

Approved: DR 03/03/23, Published: 03/03/23, Notes: Nozzle drawing updated

Edition 6

Approved: DR 04/10/22, Published: 04/10/22, Notes: ObXidian table added

Edition 5

Approved: RY 19/07/22, Published: 19/07/22, Notes: Migrated to Zendesk and added illustration to identification section

Edition 4

Approved: RY 23/03/22, Published: 23/03/22, Notes: Added total length tolerance and removed flow rate

Edition 3

Approved: DR 07/12/21, Published: 07/12/21, Notes: Flow rate units changed to 10mm³/sec

Edition 2

Approved: RY 13/10/21, Published: 12/10/21, Notes: Revo Thread renamed Revo Micro

Edition 1

Approved: RY 17/09/21, Published: 17/09/21